what we do

We do 2 things:
1. Create content we wish existed
2. Invest in companies we wish we created


business entertainment.



Our Assets

  • Podcast My First Million (20M+ downloads/yr)

  • Newsletter - smallboy.co

  • VC Fund- we invest $150k checks into ~40 startups per year

  • Crypto - we hold positions in BTC, ETH & some other funky stuff.

  • Cashflowing Digital Businesses - we own 15-30% of several cashflow businesses.

  • DTC Brands - we have launched 1 DTC brand from $0 to $10m+ (in 1 year), and may do more in the future once we forget how much a pain in the ass running a real business is

Great stories

  • We created an NBA Fantasy Camp and Mr Beast showed up

  • We started a newsletter business and sold it for millions in 1 year

  • We screwed up and lost $1M on a crypto token

  • We bet some money on sports and won $10k

  • The time we created "Super Bowl Rings' and other ridiculous merchandise for startups

Wanna work with us?We hire 1-2 talented people a year who want to skip the career track and do something awesome instead.reach out if that's you and include:
- your twitter handle
- 1 dope thing you've done